A travel inside tuscan architecture

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A travel inside tuscan architecture
Tuscanyness – the Travel is a specifically tailored experience for groups of architects or architecture students:
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The story is well known: all the architects, sooner or later, need to experience the Humanistic Architecture, the immortal beauty and the breathless landscape of Tuscany. Thanks to a travel organised by local architects, experts of the region and creators of the non-profit movie “Tuscanyness” (screened in Italy and abroad and now online for free), we offer you the best experience an architect would look for.
From the age of the pilgrims to the grand tour, Tuscany represented one of the most ancient cultural destination for people from all over the world who wanted to visit the region that embodies the intellectual and artistic centre of Italy.

Tuscanyness -the Travel will give you the possibility to have an authentic and complete experience of Tuscany, far from the mass tourism. Immerse yourself in the Renaissance architecture through the visit of the masterpieces of Brunelleschi, Alberti, Vasari and Michelangelo, understand the ancient alliance between man and nature exploring the rolling hills capped by medieval towns, golden wheat fields and snaking lines of cypress trees, see the major arts works of italian painters and sculptors, as Donatello, Masaccio, Leonardo Da Vinci and Botticelli, and enjoy the relaxing culture, tasting the sensational slow food and the world’s finest wines.

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